2013 Videos

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Protect Journalists

In 2012, 132 journalists were killed. This video explores crimes committed against

journalism, and the difficult choice journalists in many countries face between telling

the truth and risking their lives.


Labor Rights Violations

Far too often, people are unaware of the back-story of the clothes they wear. Below

if a video exploring the origin of various items of clothing, and how people are

inadvertently supporting sweatshops and labor rights violations.


"Perfect" Male Body Image

While issues of women's body image have risen to the main stream, similar topics

in regards to men are far too often overlooked. Here, the desires of women are

compared to what men assume they want to juxtapose the reality versus the misconception.


Social Media and Privacy

93% of Facebook users agree to the terms and conditions without ever having read them.

This video seeks to raise awareness about understanding how much information is being

shared to vast audiences on social media, and how often people are unaware of the impacts.


Child Not Bride

Women from the Salzburg Academy discuss their favorite childhood memories, their

first crushes, and other concepts related to having lived a free and single life. These

memories are then contrasted with the limited lives of girls forced into marriage.


Open Data #now

We live in an age of open information. However, having knowledge and seeking action

are not the same.


What Is Love?

Love for love's sake is a human right; defining who to love and how to love can't be

instructed or decided by anyone else.


Social Media

The addictiveness and all-encompassing factors of social media can end up costing

individual's a great deal.


Social Media for Change: Tweeting Against Online Sexism

This video explores the ability for social change via social networks, and how one

proactive message can reach a vast audience.