2014 Videos

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Rights for Domestic Workers

Domestic workers in India are not protected under formal laws. Issues include sexual harrasment, low wages, and slave labor. Fixing this problem involves community involvement and awareness, as well as legalized changes in policy.


Youth Unemployment in Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina has the second highest youth unemployment rate in the world. 2.3 million Bosnians have access to the Internet. Bih Plus can be a crucial tool in helping this problem.


Lack of Awareness About Water Infrastructure Problems in Ethiopia

78% of the population in Ethiopia is without clean water. We all have the right to clean water. 


Deforestation Caused by Illegal Logging and Palm Plantations in Indonesia

Palm oil plantations are the main cause of deforestation in Indonesia. Citizen awareness and participation can lead to effective change.


Lack of Awareness to Water Consumption Sanitation in Indonesia

More than 100 million people in Indonesia do not have access to clean drinking water. Over 70% of Indonesian citizens rely on potentialy contaminated resources. The "Free Your Water" campaign will help to educate the public, and to provide safer resources.


Rooftop Farming Techniques for Schools in Jakarta

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is home to nine million people. Indonesia is the also the country with the 15th worst CO2 emission problem in the world. Youth participation in urban agriculture can make a significant difference.


Lack of Awareness About Women Gathering Water in Rural Uganda

Uganda is home to over 36 million people. Almost 2/3 of the population doesn't have access to clean water. Ugandan women spend up to six hours a day collecting water. We propose a solution with Selfies of Uganda.


Disparity of Water Access Across Mexico

Dropit Mexico will spread awareness and provide data about sever water issues in Mexico.


Empowering Under-Represented Iraqi Students Through Citizen Journalism

Iraq is one of the most youthful countries in the world, with over half of its population below the age of 24. However, the youth perspective is seldom heard. Souwarna - meaning our images - provides a solution.


Career Empowerment for Young Girls in Argentina

 "What Do You Want To Be?" Aims to empower young Argentinian girls to follow their dreams, and embrace ambition.


Women and Children's Access to Health Information in Afghanistan

One in ten Afghan children do not live to see their fifth birhday. Half of Afghanistan's population is under 15. Simple education techniques can make a world of difference.


Corruption in the Education System in Serbia

60% of people in Serbia have engaged in bribery. This can be seen especially in the education system. #workforit aims to give youth the ability to voice their opinions, and to fight for fair education. Don't pay for it, work for it.


Corruption in the Education System in Moldova

Education is one of the top five most corrupt sectors in Moldova. Up to 1/3 of students admit to paying for grades.


Corruption in the Education System in Armenia

72% of students in Armenia have reported an incident of corruption at their university. Work For It helps guide the country, teachers, and students to a better education approach. Don't pay for it, work for it.