Book — Mediated Communities, Civic Voices, Empowerment and Belonging in the Digital Era

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"It is from the concept of community that civil society emerges."

— Moses Shumow, Editor

Communities, Civic Voices, Empowerment and Belonging in the Digital Era
(expected publication date 2014)




It is hard to imagine an area of modern life that is not in some way influenced, impacted or interrupted by the ubiquity of digital media.

We are living in a time of rapid change — times shaped and molded by the influence and intrusion of digital media into nearly every facet of life. According to Mediated Communities editor Prof. Moses Shumow, the explosive growth of digital forms of communication in the past 20 years has fundamentally altered the way we interact with one another: how politicians engage with their constituents, teachers with their students, parents with their children.  Digital communications have shifted the ways in which we are informed, educated and entertained, and the ways in which we advocate, agitate, organize, fall in love, bully and just connect.  

It is from the concept of community that civil society emerges.  Mediated Communities: Civic Voices, Empowerment and Belonging in the Digital Era explores how the ways that people now communicate have changed this idea of community.  Communitarians and others have long envisioned that close bonds of communal living will foster and encourage the concern for others — a concern that leads ultimately to civic engagement. In an effort to update this concept for our times, Mediated Communities presents new iterations of social spaces that create transformative avenues for civic action and empowerment in the digital era. 

Drawing on a global cohort of academics, educators, and professionals, contributors to the book use the theoretical framework of media literacy as a heuristic tool to investigate how digital media are changing notions of community and belonging.  Contributors also trace the shifting role of the civic voice, in the midst of news forms of interconnectivity that are acting to both unite and fracture traditional social structures. 

This edited volume of essays by Salzburg Academy scholars from five continents is due out in 2014, published by Peter Lang.



Moses Shumow, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Florida International University



  • Cornelia Bogen, Tsinghua University, China
  • May Farah, American University of Beruit, Lebanon
  • Megan Fromm, Independent Researcher, Germany
  • Roman Gerodimos, Bournemoth University, UK
  • Manuel Guerrero, Iberoamericana University, Mexico
  • Stephen Jukes, Bournemouth University, UK
  • Monica Lenguas, Iberoamericana University, Mexico
  • Paul Mihailidis, Emerson College, USA
  • Rosemary Nyaole-Kowuor, Daystar University, Kenya
  • Christian Schwartz, Pontífica Católica Universidad, Argentina



Chapter 1 – Introduction: Citizenship, Community and Digital Media – Moses Shumow

Chapter 2 – Making connections: Media literacy in mediated communities – Paul Mihailidis


Chapter 3 – Argentina: Grassroots Organizing and Social Media in Argentina  – Christian Schwartz

Chapter 4 – Kenya: Civic Engagement in a Digital Era: Opportunities and Challenges in Kenya – Rosemary Nyaole-Kowour

Chapter 5 – Greece: Reclaiming the urban landscape, rebuilding the civic culture:Media and public space in Athens – Roman Gerodimos

Chapter 6 – Lebanon: Palestinian Refugees and Mediatized Communities: Place, Media and Identity (w/t) – May Farah

Chapter  7 – China: Media activism in online health communication – Cornelia Bogen


Chapter 8 – Classrooms: Student Voices and Press Freedoms Around the Globe - Megan Fromm

Chapter 9 – Producers: Uneasy Relationships: Journalists, Social Media and the Implications for News – Stephen Jukes

Chapter 10 – Communities: The Movement #Yosoy132: the Mexican spring? – Manuel Guerrero and Monica Luengas

Conclusion – Moving Forward: Strengthening Digital Connections and Empowering Digital Citizenship - Moses Shumow and Paul Mihailidis