Book — News Literacy: Global Perspectives for the Newsroom and the Classroom

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"For those interested in global problem-solving, the role of news media cannot be over-estimated" — Paul Mihailidis, Editor



News Literacy gathers leading scholars, educators, and media makers to explore new approaches to thinking about, examining, and evaluating news media and civic engagement.

News Literacy explores these two fundamental questions:

What are the most pressing issues in news, media, and culture in a converged, digital, and global media age?

What are the best educational practices to foster media literate understanding, engagement, and expression across borders, across cultures, and across divides?

News Literacy prepares future media practitioners (and citizens) to embrace new media environments that can simultaneously empower their craft and their civic voice.  

The edited volume informs readers about the various ways new technologies are used and to what end, and about how these tools can enable better engagement with audiences, more dialog with communities, and a more nuanced understanding of how information is processed through new media platforms.

Used in the classroom, News Literacy can empower students to be more active, more collaborative, and more empowered.


Reviews of News Literacy

  • A technological revolution is transforming today’s media at breathtaking speed…. This new volume makes an important contribution to our ability to navigate a path through this rapidly changing landscape.” — Stephen Jukes, Dean, The Media School, Bournemouth University; Former Global Head of News, Reuters
  • “News Literacy…is indispensable reading for those of us who believe that strong, responsible journalism is the key to strong, responsible democracy.” — Dana Priest, Two-Time Pulitzer Prize–Winning Reporter, The Washington Post
  • “…This book offers practical projects and activities that will engage learners, deepen their skills, and help them to become citizens of the world.” — Renee Hobbs, Founding Director, Harrington School of Communication and Media, University of Rhode Island, Kingston; Founder, Media Education Lab
  • “This book is well timed and much needed….Students of statecraft would do well to study this well, for the course of new nations is being drafted by the technologies and new actors described in this book.” — Dean Miller, Director, The Center for News Literacy, Stony Brook University


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