Editor's Choice Videos - 2009

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The Power of Citizen Journalists - The following video explores how Chinese citizen journalists – called "Netizens" – have used the Internet to hold Chinese public officials accountable for prison violence.



Covering Politics: Framing the News - This video details how media portrayed US President Barack Obama's visit to Ghana in 2008 shaping his visit to reflect on international relations and US-African collaboration.



Journalism is a dangerous job - This powerful video briefly brings viewers into the lives and deaths of those journalists who were murdered around the world in 2009.



When Media Focus on Drugs: Chile - The following video outlines the Spice Drug epidemic in Chile and how media has covered the drug and the government's response to crisis.



When Media Focus on Government Corruption: the UK - This video investigates media coverage of a Parlimentary scandal in Britain.



The Power of Photography: Turkey - This moving video outlines how a photo can shift public opinion.



The Cost of Holding Government Accountable: Guatemala - How can journalists report truth when their governments are corrupt? This video details one horrific case of a journalist who was murdered for trying to hold the Guatemalan government accountable for its actions.



How Rumors Get Started: The US and 9/11 - This video outlines how a journalist's coverage of 9/11 was taken out of context and used to "document" conspiracy theories.



Ethics in Media: "Killing" a President (Just Kidding!) - The following video considers problems that arise when entertainment media put "real people" into fictionalized situations.