GML Videos 2010

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Agenda Setting in the Media - This mock newscast asks students from all over the world how they see media setting agendas in their home nations.


Media And Corporate Censorship: This short explores how language and censorship have influenced some of the major political and civic issues in the last 20 years.



The Third Screen By telling the story of an individual trapped in the rubble of a hotel collapsed after the earthquake in Haiti, and the Blackberry ban in the Middle East, this short asks how cellphones are changing the media landscape as we know it



Global Access, Global Action offers a stylized look at how the civic voice has grown over the last five years, and calls to action citizens across the world to engage with the issues that will define this generation



Fight For Freedom - This touching vignette shows those fallen while trying to report on issues that many would rather not talk about



What does Freedom of the Press Mean to You? explores the limits of what we can say, when, how, and to what end...



Sex, Lies, and Facebook - In the style of Sex, Lies, and Videotape, this stylized short asks what facebook does to our lives personally, now that we've all done it



Global Warming in Frames makes the case for more advocacy-based journalism on climate change to help spur the dialog and debate on the issues about the environment



Social Media Credibility uses a mock rumor spread by social media to ask: The speed of information sharing is faster and easier but who is controlling it? Where does that leave core journalism values such as objectivity, accuracy and balance?