Media Impact

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Understand Media’s Role in Shaping Global Issues

Part One of The Global Media Literacy Curriculum emphasizes Critical Thinking & Critical Skills.

The UNDERSTAND framework is the second section in Part One.

The lesson plans in Part One teach basic media literacy skills—comprehension, analysis, evaluation—for students to use while engaged with media.  Part One of the curriculum teaches students:

  1. to identify what “news”  is and how media, as well as other actors, decide what information matters;
  2. to monitor, analyze and compare media coverage of people and events; and
  3. to understand media's role in shaping global issues.

The Understand framework covers the following special topics: Climate Change & the Environment, Terrorism, Religion

For lesson plans related to media coverage of Climate Change & the Environment, see:

  • Civic Responsibility
  • Eco-Journalism

For lesson plans related to media coverage of Terrorism, see:

  • Forgotten Terrorism
  • Victims & Survivors

For lesson plans related to media coverage of Religion, see:

  • Bridging Religious Divides
  • Religion & Politics

Click on any of the topics at right to read the UNDERSTAND lesson plans.