Teaching Aid — Researching & Curating the News

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A Media Literacy Approach to Deciding What’s News

e-MONITOR is a learning guide to teach news curation.  Click HERE to see the teaching aid learning guide (or see the page nested below this).

Written by journalists as well as educators and students across disciplines, eMONITOR teaches news curation by prompting students to consider three key questions:

  • What events and issues are news? eMONITOR directs users to examine the content of individual media outlets
  • Do all news outlets select the same events and issues to feature? eMONITOR asks users to compare news content in one outlet to that produced–in the same news cycle–by other news organizations in the same region and across the world
  • What news stories should be emphasized in one’s own media outlet? eMONITOR challenges users to make their own choices of what news to feature for their own audiences.

At the Salzburg Academy where eMONITOR is a part of the academic curriculum, students from around the world research dozens of news outlets to find out how news outlets are covering issues of global importance. Students work to identify what stories are being told, how the issues are framed and how prominently the issues are being covered. After initial surveying, students meet to discuss the stories they found and consider how well the coverage addresses the issues  What are these stories saying about the issues? What are the main issues being covered? How are stories framing the issues  Is there an agenda? If so, how is that evident?  How do stories on the same issue,  but covered from different countries and regions cover the news differently?  Guided by these questions and answers, students then evaluate media coverage from around the world and synthesize the way issues are being covered by the global outlets.  

The goal of eMONITOR is to use media literacy to explore how media set a global agenda around issues of global importance. Each day, students evaluate the news to come to a more inclusive understanding of how the world's media is telling stories about politics, community, culture and citizenship.

e-Latin America:

eMONITOR es una iniciativa de la Academia Salzburg sobre Medios y Cambio Global. En este monitor de medios estudiantes de más de diez países siguen y analizan día a día la cobertura que dan los medios en inglés, español y chino a noticias sobre libertad de expresión, salud global, justicia y derechos humanos, seguridad y sustentabilidad. Once estudiantes latinoamericanos de la Academia revisan especialmente la información sobre estos temas en 15 medios de 10 países de la región.