Accessing News

Identify how audiences access news

Who is the audience for news? Who needs news? How do different audiences (adults, teens, those in power, those not, wealthy, poor, men, women, etc.) get their news?

  • Class discussion: Different media/different purposes: You yourself use different media for different reasons and at different times.  What media do you use?  When do you use it?  Why do you use it?

  • Student exercise: Here's a list of information that we all want to find on occasion:  the weather, the time of our favorite TV program, what cinema shows the film we want to watch, what hospital our relative is in, where to do the research for our homework.  Where should one go to get each type of information?

  • Class discussion: Different audiences/different media: Some media appeal to certain kinds of audiences more than others. Why?

  • Student exercise: Consider the news that appears in newspapers, on radio, on TV program, online or via cell phone. Do different media reach different people? Why? Who uses which media?

  • Student exercise: The way news and information is delivered and accessed can have a bearing on how  audiences interpret and incorporate the news and information. Does the way an audience access its news have a bearing on whether that audience believes the information to be true?