Images as Messages

Identify how images can influence news messages

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  • Class discussion: Find an event that has been covered by both newspapers and TV. How is the story covered differently? What do images tell that words on a page cannot? Which version of the story gives the audience more usable information? Which version is more compelling? Is the version that is more informative the same one that is more compelling? If not, is that a problem?

  • Student exercise: Find an article that has a photo as part of the story. Does the photo tell the same story as the text? Does the photo give additional information? How does the caption makes a difference to your interpretation of the image?

  • Student exercise: Select an article from a newspaper or a story from radio. If you could add a photograph to the story what—or who—would it depict? How would that image add to the story? How would that picture change your understanding of the story?